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Can you make this available on the PlayStation store

Just change the controls

Look, shut up or I'll ban you.

Android edition only on windows!?!

What the heck!


You don't have to worry about making an Android version because I will be getting a laptop soon


Jesus! I'm the creator of that I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH GAME!!!

These are all the rules.

(1 edit)
  1. No spamming
  2. No hacking
  3. No swearing
  4. No begging for ban
  5. No telling me what to do force me to add things, (Only suggest)
  6. No asking for me to let you ban people
  7. No lying to me, because every time you say a person has been mean to you, say there username and I will look for them,
  8. I don't think I can see private chat
  9. No phone numbers ages real name etc. (Personal information)
  10. Final rule: No taking over games/deleting files (AKA hacking)

1. Duplicate the game 

2. Change the controls to mobile 

3. Put a download button with only the Android robot 


  1.  I don't know how to get in the game coding, and change it.
  2. So I can't put it mobile controls. If I do get In the game coding, I don't know how to make you see or actually make the mobile controls.
  3. I am sick, so go easy on me.

But you asked me to help


Hmm, well..I will try.

Any games, you have officially been unbanned! Sorry, if it took a while, I have been busy.


It's made on Unity?

Err, INS


No not made on unity.

I'll try to do, that I'm not very good, at coding.


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Deleted 134 days ago

If you agree then you're a £$£%

Warning I| Off Topic.

Deleted 134 days ago

Why do you have sonic in your picture now?

If Baldi.hacker agrees then he's a $£"%.

Who are you saying $£"%ing at

Did your picture change?